“First call resolution jumped from 52% to 83% six months after acquiring NTRglobal’s remote desktop and secure chat technology. We were able to resolve technical problems quickly and efficiently, which our employees really appreciated.”

Tony Xie
IT Support Manager
DHL Global Forwarding

Founded in 1986, DHL Global Forwarding China specializes in air, road and ocean freight forwarding services. As its network expanded, the company sought a secure solution to remotely resolve incidents on employee devices that didn't require opening ports or making configuration changes.

The Company

DHL Global Forwarding began operating in the United States in 1935. The company’s network encompasses more than 75 full-service offices, including 10 distribution centers that are supported by one of the most powerful ocean and brokerage networks in the world.

Established in 1986, DHL Global Forwarding China specializes in air, road and ocean freight forwarding services, acting as a broker between customers and freight carriers to combine orders and reach a sufficient volume to secure cargo space and charter capacity from airlines, shipping companies and freight carriers at competitive prices.

A leader in the Chinese logistics market, DHL Global Forwarding China expanded its logistics services network in 2011 by opening five new branch offices to better meet the fast-growing demand in Central and Western China. The company oversees a 111,000-m2 warehouse and branch offices in 40 cities across China, and employs more than 2,500 employees.

The Challenge

The DHL technical support team was using VNC software to provide remote support on employee devices. This solution had several disadvantages, the most important of which was the security risk it posed, since it required the incoming TCP/IP port to be open and consequently reconfiguration of the firewall and router.

Moreover, VNC lacked an integrated ticketing module to automatically track and monitor remote sessions for follow-up and future analysis, which was key as the organization worked to continuously optimize its IT performance.

The Solution

DHL Global Forwarding China decided to adopt NTRglobal’s Support Ultimate to boost the productivity of its technical support operations while ensuring enterprise-grade security. A critical factor in DHL’s decision was the ability to conduct secure installable remote control sessions to allow technical engineers to take on-demand remote control of end users’ computers with no need to open ports or make configuration changes.

The Outcome

Within six months of adopting Support Ultimate, DHL Global Forwarding had increased first call resolution from 52% to 83% and reduced re-open rates. Incidents could be easily identified and assigned to the correct support technician by utilizing pre-session surveys, and resolved quickly with NTRglobal’s comprehensive troubleshooting tools. Employee satisfaction increased as a result, since issues could be resolved more effectively without any intervention from the end user.

Since the IT support team is dispersed throughout China, DHL Global Forwarding built their workflow around the ability to seamlessly transfer sessions between support technicians. They highly value the quick and easy escalation of incidents, a feature that has improved IT productivity and facilitated team collaboration.

Finally, Support Ultimate’s session recording allows the IT team to monitor incidents and evaluate team performance. By analyzing session histories, DHL Global Forwarding can define areas for improvement and accumulate knowledge to continuously boost IT productivity.

As Tony Xie, IT support manager explained, “NTRglobal’s remote connectivity technology has enabled us to deliver secure technical support and achieve quantifiable results in a very short timeframe. As a result, we can now deliver excellent IT support to our company.”