“NTR Cloud for ITSM allows us to remotely monitor and control our global IT infrastructure in Europe and China from one central location. The solution has led to a 20% decrease in support costs and become a core element of our IT operations.”

Daniel Kruse
Corporate IT Manager
Diametal AG

The Company

Established in 1936, Diametal develops and manufactures precision grinding tools and hard material tools and their applications for a variety of markets, including the watchmaking, medical technology, and tool and mold making industries. The company serves its international client base through its headquarters in Switzerland and global operations in Europe and China, where it opened a subsidiary in Nanjing in 2009.

Consistent with its mission “Success with precision,” Diametal strives to offer quality products and exceptional customer service, with the overarching goal of cultivating long-term, mutually profitable partnerships with its clients.

To stay competitive in a niche market, Diametal closely follows market trends and continually invests in ongoing research and development. To this end, the company applies its wealth of technical know-how to meet its customers’ unique needs, and employs the latest communication and information technologies.

Despite the highly technical nature of its business, Diametal advocates that people are the most important component of any project, as evidenced by its steadfast commitment to customer service and corporate responsibility.

The Challenge

Diametal began using NTRglobal’s Support Ultimate in 2006 to remotely control employee devices. Corporate IT Manager Daniel Kruse was pleased with the solution’s scalability, user friendliness and flexibility, which allowed the IT team to easily support different operating systems and networks.

In 2008, Diametal decided to adopt a configuration management solution to centrally manage and monitor its global IT infrastructure from its Swiss headquarters.

The Solution

Diametal decided to bolster its IT support operations with NTR Cloud for ITSM based on its positive experience with Support Ultimate. The IT automation system allows the IT support team to remotely manage its entire IT ecosystem across different operating systems from one central location.

Said Kruse, “We had been using NTRglobal’s remote control technology for a couple of years and were very impressed with its reliability and ability to adapt to our specific needs. Our decision to implement NTR Cloud for ITSM was a natural extension of our collaboration with NTRglobal.”

The Outcome

After implementing NTR Cloud for ITSM, Diametal was able to remotely monitor and control its geographically dispersed IT infrastructure and automate key maintenance tasks, thus ensuring high system availability and reducing IT support costs by 20% in the first three years. The IT team mainly offers remote support for Windows-based PCs, especially configurations and “quick help” inquiries.

Kruse explained, “NTR Cloud for ITSM is extremely secure, stable and flexible, and the level of customer support has been outstanding. We’ve been able to easily scale the solution to our business needs over the years, a crucial capability given the fast pace of our market.”