“We recognized from the start that a solid ITSM solution was essential to remotely monitor and troubleshoot our growing network of point-of-sale kiosks. NTRglobal’s configuration management technology has been an important factor in our rapid expansion.””

Javier Cabana
Chief Technical Director (CTO)

The Company

Headquartered in Northwestern Spain, Disashop is a distributor of prepaid services that has attained spectacular growth since its establishment in 2001. Disashop reported more than €300 million in sales in 2010 through its Spanish and international operations in Europe and the Americas.

Disashop works directly with the most important telecommunications and electronic payment companies to deliver various electronic transactions in its key markets. The company also manufactures and distributes customized point-of-sale (POS) kiosks that allow end users to access the same electronic services that Disashop provides through other channels.

Since its inception, Disashop has placed strong emphasis on flexibility and stellar customer service, core values that the company will preserve as it expands its global operations in coming years.

The Challenge

After years of consistently doubling its annual sales, Disashop was coined an “economic gazelle” by the press when it launched its proprietary point-of-sale kiosks in 2005. Patented later that same year, the self-service kiosks allow end users to recharge mobile phone and pre-paid credit cards, purchase lottery tickets and pay online invoices, among other transactions.

After an initial launch in Spain, Disashop expanded its distribution network to the Dominican Republic, Peru, Romania and the United States. The company primarily targets unbanked populations and tailors the mix of financial services to each market.

As Disashop expanded its activity from pure service provider to manufacturer and distributor, it knew that a remote connectivity solution would be crucial to its operations.

As CTO Javier Cabana explained, “We had an aggressive expansion plan, both domestically and abroad, and knew that the business plan wouldn’t be viable if we had to dispatch IT technicians to resolve incidents. A solid ITSM solution formed part of our initial strategy.”

The Solution

Based on its expansion goals and the nature of the financial transactions it offers, Disashop decided to implement NTRglobal’s configuration management software to remotely monitor and troubleshoot its network of POS kiosks. The solution’s enterprise-grade security and flexible “go-as-you-grow” approach were key factors in the decision.

Said Cabana “NTRglobal’s device management product met all of our technical requirements and offered an impressive price/quality relationship.”

The Outcome

Since acquiring NTRglobal configuration management product, Disashop has been able to remotely monitor and control its international network of POS kiosks. The company’s remote support personnel currently include 20 IT engineers who service 2,000 POS kiosks worldwide. As the company continues to tap new market opportunities, it will rely on NTRglobal’s technology.

Cabana added, “We offer a service based on 24/7 availability 365 days a year, so network reliability is critical. We’ve had no technical issues with the solution and uptime has been practically 100% since its implementation.”