“When you have no IT management software in place and then implement a robust solution like NTR Cloud for ITSM, the results are tangible immediately. We’ve reduced our travel costs by more than 90% since acquiring the solution.”

José Antonio Domínguez
Technical Assistance Supervisor

The Company

Transhotel is a global travel services provider headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Founded in 1994, the company began as a reservation center but soon expanded its portfolio to provide other services, including an innovative card payment system and an online purchasing center. Transhotel employs 900 people and boasts a client base of 60,000 hotels and 78,200 travel agencies in the 24 countries where it operates.

Technological innovation has been a cornerstone of Transhotel’s success. The company dedicates significant resources to continually optimize its online reservation platform with the dual objective of providing its clients with the best service possible while maintaining its position as a technological trailblazer in the tourism industry.

Over the last decade, Transhotel has significantly increased its global operations in less saturated markets which has led to the company’s upward sales trend despite the difficult economic landscape. This winning strategy has allowed the company to report a 5.5% increase in sales in 2011 compared to 2010.

The Challenge

As Transhotel began expanding its operations in international markets, its Madrid-based IT support team had to make frequent onsite visits to roll out updates and upgrades on employee and client devices and servers. Onsite visits were time-consuming and costly, and negatively affected productivity by disrupting workflows for both IT support personnel and employees.

The IT support team used manual management and administration tools to update its systems and manage security vulnerabilities. In order to improve response times and contain spiraling support costs, the company sought a secure solution to centralize and remotely automate its key IT administration tasks. Given its global reach, Transhotel also needed a provider capable of delivering 24/7 support to cover all of the different time zones, as well as a secure solution that would allow quick, direct connections with no need to reconfigure routers to open specific ports.

The Solution

Before they began to research an IT management solution, the IT team had been using NTRglobal’s remote support technology to conduct online training and remotely troubleshoot incidents.

As José Antonio Domínguez, technical assistance director, explained, “NTRglobal’s remote support software helped us quickly resolve incidents, but as the number of workstations grew, we needed an IT management product to monitor the inventory of work stations, most of which were located thousands of kilometers away.”

Based on its positive experience with NTRglobal’s remote control software, Transhotel decided to incorporate NTR Cloud for ITSM. Domínguez added, “When NTRglobal launched NTR Cloud for ITSM, we didn’t think twice. The NTR Cloud’s modular design has allowed us to incorporate both remote support and IT management capabilities in the same interface, which has improved workflow.”

The Outcome

Since incorporating NTR Cloud for ITSM in its IT operations, Transhotel has dramatically reduced its support costs and enhanced IT performance by replacing manual tools with an IT automation system. NTR Cloud for ITSM’s robust feature set allows the IT support team’s four technicians to effectively manage more than 800 workstations around the world.

Said Domínguez “NTR Cloud for ITSM has enabled us to reduce our travel costs by 90%. Our IT team is very enthusiastic about the software, whose intuitive interface makes it very easy to use.”

Transhotel’s end users also appreciate the fast response times and incident resolution now possible with the technology. As Domínguez explained, “We could take hours resolving incidents by phone in the past, and at the time, finding the source of the problem was pure guesswork. With NTR Cloud for ITSM, we’re able to adequately support our clients, who often comment that we are able to resolve incidents as if by magic.”