Program Overview
When you begin to work with our integration engineers, you enable your business to extend the capabilities of your existing customer service applications quickly.

You’ll gain a more complete picture of your customer relationships. Your customers will receive more efficient service. And, the resulting faster turnarounds in problem resolution will deliver an improved customer experience – with no need for additional cash outlays in IT infrastructure.

According to Gartner, a company with integrated CRM and helpdesk applications spends half as much money per 8-minute support call as a company that relies on non-integrated point solutions. We think your CFO would like the sound of that.

Getting Started
We work collaboratively with our customers to help them identify and build the most appropriate solution for their business. We offer two types of standard integration services:

  • Instant Remote Support
    • Remote Desktop Widget can be set up in minutes, yet is still customizable to reflect your organization’s identity and brand image
    • Remote Support Chat for immediate customer feedback

  • OEM Integration
    • Extending support capabilities in CRM and ERP applications
    • RESTful API using OAuth and SSL

If you need something customized for your business, we can also help you. Click here to let us know what you need.

A Note on Security
Working with cloud-based APIs does not mean compromising on security or falling out of compliance. NTR’s data centers are ISO27001 certified and all data, whether in transit or at rest, is encrypted using 256-bit AES. Data protection is multilayered – no-one but your authorized personnel - not even NTRglobal - can access it. All data exchanges require two levels of OAuth authentication before being allowed to proceed. We support the following international regulations:

  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Hippa
  • EU Offshoring
  • European Privacy Laws

Licensing costs are determined by use. Contact us and let’s discuss your situation.

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