The Full API Integration
To deliver the greatest benefit from NTR’s cloud-based support technology to your customers, we recommend full API integration. With this approach, you’ll get:

  • Remote Control:
    • Manage, monitor and support your assets
    • Further automate IT processes

  • Chat:
    • One-click live help for your customers
    • Push more support traffic to the web and away from phones

  • Monitoring and Alerts:
    • Customizable alerts for specific incident types
    • Central alert storage for ease of prioritization

Your customer data is secured at every point in the remote support delivery chain, using 256-bit AES encryption to meet compliance requirements. A global network of relay servers optimizes speed of connectivity and data transfer, so you can get your customers back to work faster.

Our developer support team is dedicated to helping your business grow through enhanced customer relationships, with support available by phone, secure chat, or email to resolve any technical issue you may encounter along the way to full integration.

These companies are already benefiting from delivering NTR remote desktop capabilities to their customers:

Tight integration of NTR remote control and live chat enhance the functionality of BMC Remedy.

  • Automated processes and the elimination of manual “copy+paste” operations to close tickets, as well as direct availability of chat and remote control from Remedy tickets, optimize workflow and boost productivity
  • All chat history, ticket details and remote control activities can be automatically logged with one mouse click to provide a clear audit trail
  • The unified database simplifies, streamlines, and enhances reporting
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Deep NTRglobal technology integration is at the heart of ConnectWise Remote Desktop and Chat.

  • Support from a centralized console and automatic ticket generation and session history in the ConnectWise system
  • Increase in first call resolution rates and easy, fast escalation from a web chat
  • 50% increase in support agent productivity, 75% of service tickets closed within 24 hours, 93% customer satisfaction ratings
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With NTRglobal API integration, support agents can conduct remote control sessions from within Salesforce cases and contacts, with no need to change applications.

  • Optimize productivity by reducing the mean time to respond (MTTR) and tracking history for post-session analysis
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by increasing first call resolution right from the Salesforce console
  • Easy Implementation means that support agents can troubleshoot after a few clicks, with nothing to install

NTRglobal enables Spiceworks users conduct remote control sessions across multiple platforms in a familiar environment.

  • Decrease in overall support costs by reducing mean time to respond and increased first call resolution rates
  • Remote access directly from Spiceworks delivers accelerated problem resolution and enhances customer satisfaction
  • Session details are fed directly into the Spiceworks reporting module for clear accountability

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