Business FAQs
Q. How long will integration take?

A. That really depends on your business requirements and how soon you need a solution. You can integrate the widget in just a few minutes, but the functionality is more limited than with a deeper integration. If you have available development resources, you could have a browser-based API that supports custom components in as little as a week. For a more complex integration, our professional services team will work with you to develop a delivery schedule that meets your business requirements.

Q. What would be a typical per-user cost to deliver this service to my customers?

A. The cost will vary depend on the business model selected and the level of resources we provide to support your development efforts. Bear in mind as you consider costs, however, that your company will receive the full benefits of NTRglobal’s secure infrastructure, ISO27001-certified data centers, and 256-bit AES encryption for data security with any integration, so no additional investment in hardware or bandwidth is required.

Q. What kind of data can I get as a result of integrating NTRglobal into my support operations?

A. You’ll be able to see and record the length and frequency of all customer service engagements, as well as review entire session logs, using standard reporting tools. This kind of information will not only help to develop deeper, more rounded customer relationships but also assist in product development by more easily identifying functionality that customers are not using or understanding well.

Q. How quickly will my customers start to see a benefit from the NTRglobal integration?

A. Your customers will notice an improvement right away in their customer response times and efficiencies. A remote desktop session can be started immediately, and the complete session log is available to any technician working on the case, so there’s no need for the customer to keep repeating the same stories to different people.

Q. How will the NTRglobal API save me money?

A. Integration is seamless, so there’s no learning curve for your service agents and helpdesk analysts. Ongoing maintenance is minimal, and over time you’ll be able to phase out expensive, high maintenance legacy products. The NTRcloud back end can assume the functionality of multiple point tools, allowing you to simplify your IT infrastructure.

Q. What other benefits might I expect?

A. Many of our customers have seen sales increase as a result of integrating the NTRglobal API, thanks to improved customer knowledge and additional functionality.

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